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dizzy dancing

a ZORO x VIVI community

Dizzy Dancing; a ZORO x VIVI community
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dizzy dancing

A Livejournal community dedicated to the relationship between Roronoa Zoro and Nefertari Vivi. Whether you choose to see them as platonic or romantic, any fans of both characters are welcome. This is a place for discussion, to post fanworks, and just to appreciate some amazing characters from Eiichiro Oda's One Piece. Please sit back, enjoy your ride, and remember that we're all here for fun.

dizzy dancing


Let's all try to be mature here. This is a community made by a fan for other fans, so if we can all respect each other and our opinions, that'd be great.

Do not
  • Bash any One Piece character.
  • Bash any One Piece pairing. We're here for ZoroxVivi, folks, not to hate on every other pairing.
  • Advertise any roleplaying community without permission.
  • Post any NC-17 related material without a lj-cut and a warning.
  • Post heinous amounts of icons. I don't care if you make and post some icons for everyone, but we aren't an icon community. If people start abusing this, it won't be allowed.
  • Discuss One Piece in general. We're a specific community, all right?
  • Start fights. I will kill you ban you.

  • Post fanfics and fanart, be they yours or a reference to others'. Always give credit.
  • Start discussions on the featured characters {Zoro and Vivi}, their relationship, their lives, etc. It doesn't have to be in the sense of a pairing, just so long as you're talking about Zoro or Vivi.
  • Have fun. Come on, it's a Livejournal community. We don't take ourselves too seriously here. ;D

    dizzy dancing


    If you want to advertise a community, affiliate, what have you, here's my info. I swear I don't bite.

    Name: Brit {sisyphean}
    E-mail: sexy.rug@gmail.com
    MSN: paopu_hearts@hotmail.com

    dizzy dancing